Thursday, May 18, 2006

Don't go to COR

What can I say?

We went to an all-you-can-drink club here in Taipei and I never seen such a lousy place on visit here in Taiwan. Even the creepiest place in the Zone beats this shit hole. Like many bars here in Taiwan, you need to reserve a table before, if you want to have a table. We didn’t do it, but it’s ok. After all we came here to drink and dance right?


1. Whenever the liquor is cheap you cannot expect much, but here the drinks were so awful that even warmed up horse piss would taste better. I don’t know how the drinks are made in that club, but if you name them with common names like Long Island ice tea, Vodka lime and such. Then you should make the drinks taste like them as well. Otherwise you can shove that drink list of yours up in the…

2. I usually don’t think that music is bad here in Taiwan. Music in COR is also not bad. It’s the way they play it. Bass is all nice and so, but if you feel that your eardrums are suicidal, then the COR is place for you. If you are totally brainless moron, who just wants to hear the great bass and nothing else, then the COR is place for you. Personally I was really annoyed with the fact that music consisted ONLY off bass-heavy hiphop and rmb. Songs would been good if I could have heard something else than bass.

Compared to other places that offer the same stuff with the same price, this really hit the bottom. If I want to lobotomize myself, I can do it without paying the entrance fee to COR. I seriously warn you people. Don’t waste your nights in this joint.

You have been warned. No there is no pictures from this place. It's not worth it.